• Koeberg Nuclear Power Station

    NSE currently provides most of the civil engineering support to Koebergs Nuclear Power Station, current projects include:
    • Analysis and structural evaluation of the 120 m high meteorological mast as well as the re-tensioning, repainting and installation of the new tension monitoring system for the stay cables to the mast.
    • Routine inspection of the meteorological mast.
    • Inspections that constitute the civil monitoring programme of the power station as well as condition inspections of gantries and buildings; Compilation of the design basis for the inspection program
    • Feasibility Studies for special projects requiring civil engineering input.
    • Assessment of Turbine Hall structure for a revised plant layout.
    • Seismic design of the new wind lobby to the PTR tank area and new buildings to house the air-handling equipment.
  • PBMR Fuel Plant

    • Re-qualification of existing civil engineering structures which house the fuel fabrication plant for Pebble Bed Modular Reactor. This entails the analysis and design of modifications for the structure considering extreme loads including seismic, blast and tornado.
    • Assistance to the Client in developing the seismic safety case and writing of the Safety Analysis Report for the facility.
    • Discussions with the National Nuclear Regulator regarding the seismic methodology prior to submission of the seismic safety case.
    Fuel plant
  • Eskom Nuclear 1 Program

    • The provision of civil engineering services to Eskom for the sites on which future nuclear powerplants will be constructed. This work comprises inter alia, power station layouts, infrastructure design, cooling water works, seismic hazard assessments and licensing of the nuclear facilities.
    • Development of site safety reports and safety analysis reports.
  • Golder Associates Africa(Pty) Ltd


    Provision of specialist advice for the design of the reinforced concrete penstock tower, the temporary penstock towers and the mass or reinforced concrete pipe encasement for the new tailings dam at Southdeep Mine. Soil-structure interaction analysis to determine tailings loads on the penstock tower. Heat of hydration modelling to design the mass concrete elements.

    outfall pipe penstock tower temporary penstock
  • Expert Technical Investigation


    Conducting an investigation aimed at establishing the reasons for the excessive cracking observed in a post-tensioned flat slab parking structure.

    slab tensioning