• Structural Design

      design process

    Structural design includes a wide array of design activities required in order to arrive at a safe and economical design of a structure, while meeting all load and functional requirements. We offer a bespoke service which can include everything from soil investigation, foundation design, design of concrete and steel structural members, construction drawings, rebar drawings and detail building specification.

    Our structural design experience encompasses a wide array of industrial structures including power plants, heavy fabrication plants, and the furnace and smelting industry, mining and petrochemical. Each of these industries offers unique challenges in terms of design, but at NSE we follow the same design process:

  • Geotechnical Investigations

      Geotechnical Investigation

    Geotechnical investigations include all aspects related to obtaining a good understanding of the soil characteristics of a particular area. This understanding is critical in order to be able to effectively design structures, both from a static and dynamic point of view. It is critical that the raw data obtained from various test methods is interpreted correctly.

    In order to perform sub-surface profiling, many varied techniques may be employed. These include core sampling, shear wave velocity tests, surface wave velocity tests, digging of test pits, DCP tests and drilling of deep boreholes.

    Information obtained from geotechnical investigation is critical in determining the soil characteristics on which structures will be founded. Information obtained from the geophysical tests is critical to understanding the probable behaviour of the soil under seismic conditions. Together, the information obtained from the tests above allow us to conduct extensive analysis and design studies based on scientific data.

  • Soil and Slope Stability

      Soil content

    The objectives of slope stability analyses are finding problematic areas, analysis of potential failure mechanisms, determination of the slope sensitivity to different triggering mechanisms, designing of optimal slopes with regard to safety, reliability and economy with possible remedial measures.

    We make use of an extensive slope stability analysis package that allows for 2D or 3D modelling of any type of slope with any type of soil condition and water table level. The slopes that are modelled can include the critical structures to identify the factors of safety for the slip surfaces up against those structures. The geotechnical slope stability package is an international package that implements the method of slices and stress-based methods.

  • Tanks and water retaining structures

      Flat Roof Tank

    Our tank designs are conducted using advanced FEM software capable of taking into account the static water loads, as well as including the possible dynamic effects of seismic loads, resulting in sloshing of the water within the structure. It is possible to predict the sloshing effects with animated results for graphical interpretation.

    Typically, most of the tanks that we analyse are of reinforced concrete construction; however the analysis of steel tanks is similar in nature and can be easily accommodated. Combined with various other services we offer, our clients can be confident that the proposed site for the tank is suitable for the tank, and that the tank will perform adequately under the expected static loads as well as the dynamic seismic loads.

  • 3rd Party Reviews

      3rd party

    Our skilled team of engineers are capable of reviewing and commenting on designs. Our speciality is concrete and steel structures, including aspects such as pre and post-tension design, concrete durability, impact of seismic loading conditions; as well as general aspects of constructability.

    Reviews are not undertaken lightly, and documents under review are scrutinised for technical content, technical correctness, spelling and grammar, logical flow and references where required. NSE has a strict internal review process and implements the same standards for all documents, whether they are generated internally or externally.

  • Infrastructure Design


    Our services include design and management planning of sewer, storm water and water reticulation. We can also assist with road planning and design for large sites. This can include topographical terrain mapping for large sites in order to analyse best routes for roads, piping, runoff areas etc.

    Our strategy when undertaking infrastructure design is to collaborate closely with the client to achieve the optimal outcome. Site designs may go through a number of iterations, but the final outcome will be a solution that meets the requirements of the client while minimizing cost. Our past experience includes very large industrial sites as well as power utility sites. We do not undertake work at residential sites, regardless of size.

  • Mining and Industrial


    Our industrial plant services include the analysis of industrial structures, investigation & feasibility study and design of plant expansions or upgrades, problem finding and analysis of vibrating equipment, piping and pipe support designs especially for seismically sensitive equipment and other related services.

    Many companies do not undertake brown fields work, due to the complexity often associated with existing works and lack of information relating to this type of work. Our engineers have extensive experience relating to plant modifications, repairs and extensions and we will assist clients in any way possible.