Team culture

You will form part of an integral team who specialise in engineering analysis and design, working closely with clients and imparting knowledge that will assist and benefit your clients. We have a dynamic work environment, multiple teams and focussed client assignments in progress throughout the year. You will also be in a position to leverage guidance and advice from our experienced senior staff and in doing so, accomplish maximum efficiency and capabilities in dealing with the most challenging demands. As an individual, you gain invaluable knowledge and acquire unique methods, equipping you to succeed in a challenging and demanding environment.

Work life balance

At NSE we understand that the most successful people are those who have satisfying professional lives balanced with activities and relationships outside their working lives. The consulting engineering environment is challenging and demanding. It is these very challenges and learning opportunities that attract individuals to build their careers with us.

Having fun

Our staff actively pursue a variety of sporting disciplines. Some of the sporting activities include golf, squash and action soccer; apart from the more social get together where staff compete with each other in snooker and pool, table tennis, darts etc. The majority of staff are between the ages of 25 and 40, some single and some with families. This creates a well-rounded environment that fosters good relationships and many of our staff get together after hours, and have formed close friendships.